Gin: The Art and Craft of the Artisan Gin Revival

Gin New Botanicals and Flavours, from Plymouth to PortlandGin: The Art and Craft of the Artisan Gin Revival is my second book on Gin and is coming out in 2015 with Jacqui Small and Quarto Group.

Gin takes a look at the spirits’ origin by tracing man’s love affairs with juniper:  from burning branches as part of ritual, through medical practice of ancient peoples, through the streets of Germany, Netherlands, UK and the United States en route to being one of the most diverse categories of spirit out there today. Includes tasting notes for over 300 gins, interviews with distillers on both sides of the Atlantic and Pacific. Also includes cocktails, bars, and top 10 lists.

One of the Guardian’s top drinks books of 2015.

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The Craft of Gin

The Craft of GinThe Craft of Gin is designed to be an introduction to gin for the novice gin drinker. It covers the history of gin from its origins in the apothecaries of Medieval Europe, all the way through more modern prohibitions in England and the United States. Gin’s history is inextricably entwined with the history of European powers and is a window into the cultural and historical events of the time. Also includes a glossary of the botanicals in gin, cocktail recipes for essential gin drinks, and tasting notes for over sixty gins including many small craft distillers on both sides of the Atlantic.

For The Craft of Gin,   I worked with fellow writer and author David T. Smith of Summer Fruit Cup  to write the book. Published by White Mule Press in 2013.

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Local Juniper: Variation and Control

Taking a look at twenty years of academic journal articles about the aromatic constituents of Juniper berries and interviews with present day distillers who are using local juniper berries in their gins.

Published in Artisan Spirit Magazine, Fall 2016.