Gin: The Art and Craft of the Artisan Revival

 My second book on Gin and was published in 2015 with Jacqui Small and Quarto Group. Gin has been translated into seven languages, including Swedish, German, Hungarian, French, Spanish, Italian— in addition to the original English.  (Book page on AmazonVoted as One of the Guardian’s top drinks books of 2015.

Aged Gin Cocktails

Aged Gin Cocktails, 25 cocktails for gin’s newest style— Includes historical cocktails which used aged gin, classic gin cocktails which work well with aged gin and new cocktails created specifically for aged gin.

The Craft of Gin

The Craft of Gin—is designed to be an introduction to gin for the novice gin drinker. I worked with fellow writer and author David T. Smith of Summer Fruit Cup  to write the book. Published by White Mule Press in 2013.

Gin the Art and Craft of the Artisan Revival by Aaron Knoll

Industry Reports

Consumer Taste Preference in Gin and Botanical Spirits: Report for Distillers and Spirit CreatorsAn industry-focused report that examines how flavor preferences vary among different audiences and what people are looking for.

The series began in 2018 and will be released bi-annually with updated data.

2020 Gin Report


The Flavor Bible: how to use food pairing guides with gin in Gin Magazine (June 2021)

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Barrel-aged gins: an old trend made new in Gin Magazine (April 2021)

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Stirring the beehive: An interview with Chris Barlow from Beehive Distilling in Gin Magazine (November 2019)

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Botanical Spirits: Whose ready for this new category of spirits? (Spring 2019)

The Fixative Effect in Distiller Magazine (April 2019)

Citrus Fruits in Gin Magazine (February 2019)

Colorado: An exploration of Colorado-based gins and gin distilleries in Gin Magazine (February 2019)

Writing Portfolio— Aquavit
Caraway and Dill— Aquavit and Aromatic Profile Consideration for distillers  in Artisan Spirit (Winter 2018).
(and a companion piece aimed at consumers Dill and Caraway— Aquavit Botanicals and Gin iGin Magazine (Oct. 2018)

Describing Flavor in Gin  in Artisan Spirit (Fall 2018)

Gin Botanicals: Cardamom in Gin Magazine (July 2018)

Coriander— Aromatic Profile Consideration for Gin Distillers in Artisan Spirit (Summer 2018)

London to Lima Distiller Profile— an interview with London to Lima Gin distiller Alexander James in Gin Magazine (April 2018)

Gin Botanicals: Anise, Star Anise, Fennel in  Gin Magazine (April 2018)

Interview with Tom Warner or Warner-Edwards Distillery in Gin Magazine (Feb. 2018)

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What’s caused Gin to become an on-trend drink? We asked the experts… The Spirits Embassy (April 2017)

Local Juniper Variation and Control article in Artisan Spirit (Fall 2016)

Aaron Knoll’s Top 10 GinsQuarto Cooks Blog (September, 2015)

Talks and seminars

Ginposium 2021: Juniper— Upfront and Essential? How little is Too Little Juniper for a Gin to be Considered a Gin? A view from America. (May 2021).

Crafidi Distilling Conference: In Praise of Aquavit: the Other Botanical Spirit with Julia Nourney (April 2021)

Ginposium 2020: Gin Trends for 2020 and Beyond (June 2020).

Gin Summit: Colorado Gin Showcase, What’s next for Gin? (April 2019).

American Distilling Institute Annual Conference: The Future of Gin.  Panel conversation with Virginia Miller, David Smith, Robert Cassell and James Young.(April 2019)

Gin Round Table: A Candid Discussion on Gin, featuring Finlay Nicol, Jake Burger, Aaron Knoll, Aaron Selya— moderated by Jen Kubiszewski, Gin World St. Louis (May 2018)

Lockhouse Distillery: The Art and Craft of the Artisan Revival, book launch and talk (October 2015).

Aaron Knoll, talking at Gin World St. Louis 2018

My talk: The Gin Renaissance: Flavors Decoded Seminar, presented at Gin World St. Louis (May 2018)


Meet the Team: from Gin Magazine (Jan 2021).

Modern Bar Cart: Episode 143 with The GIN is IN (April 2020).

Buffalo Foodies interview with Aaron Knoll (Jan. 2016)

Gin: The Art and Craft of the Artisan Revival named among best Drinks Books of 2015 by The Guardian (December 2015)

Monocle Radio (November 6th, 2015)

We <3 Gin: Britain’s craft gin revolution is in full flow. Beth McDonald says chin chin to our hottest export. Metro (October 6th, 2015)

Lodging Magazine, How Hotel Bars Can Capitalize on the Gin Revival.” (May 2015)

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