Case Study— Alumni Experience

Journey Map is made to represent research into the experience of a person who joins Teach For America: from the day they hear about TFA to their life after the corps,


Case Study— Cognitive  and face-to-face interactions

One of the challenges in piloting was helping users imagine opportunities. This vision encapsulated speculative possibilities for several of the things we were researching individually.

Case Study— Compliance Tracker

When coaches log in, this is the “person centered” view they see. All of their teachers’ faces are visible. For coaching managers, the filtering controls at left slide in and allow them to show/hide coaches, for example, to only see coaches at the school they’re travelling to today. This view was foundational in that it helped the users see data entry as a task that was about people more than compliance.

Case StudyRT Match

The product, showing a list of people who match some or all of the criteria a user searched for.

Case StudyInterview Matchmaker

Not all matches are created equal; not all interviewees were a good match for an interview opportunity. In this version, the colors and circles were added to help a user quickly compare and identify optimal opportunities for candidates, to ensure that the matchmakers were putting the right people in front of the right people. This concept evolved through focus groups and further study.

Case StudyApplication

The navigation went through several iterations. Here you can see a few sketches and a whiteboard comparison exercise I was doing with another designer on my team.

Case StudyFlavor and Design

One of the most common use cases for the site in a 2016 survey was “in the liquor store while browsing gins.”